Participating Groups


Overpass Light Brigade - National | contact

OLB Atlanta, GA

OLB Austin, TX

OLB Fresno, CA

Occupy Gainesville Light Brigade, FL | contact

OLB Massachusetts - Boston, MA | contact1 | contact2

OLB NYC - Occupy Wall Street Light Brigade

OLB Portland, OR

OLB San Diego, CA

OLB Seattle, WA/OLB Bellingham, WA | contact

North Texas Light Brigade | contact

Tampa Light Brigade - Tampa, FL | contact

Overpass Light Brigade -  Wisconsin | contact

Occupy Hilo Light Brigade, East Hawaii | contact


The Illuminator - New York, NY | contact

Greenpants/Luminous Intervention - Baltimore, MD | contact

Occupy Spokane/Backbone Campaign - Spokane, WA | contact

Trilumination Guerilla Project Squad - New Orleans, LA | contact

To get involved, contact your local light brigade or contact us here.